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Graduate lectures: Microfluidic flows of complex fluids

Supporting material on DUO

Level 4 undergraduate lectures: Order and dynamics in soft matter and biophysics

Supporting material on DUO

4th year undergraduate projects

… are available each year in my group, and are advertised through the usual departmental channels

And here are two courses in applied mathematics I taught while at the University of Manchester

Hydrodynamic stability theory

Course adminadmin.ppt
Lecture notesnotation.pdfoverview.pdfsec1.pdfsec2.pdfsec3.pdfsec4.pdfoverviewII.pdfsec5.pdfsec6.pdfsec7.pdfsec8.pdfsec9.pdf
Problem sheetsp1.pdf p2.pdf p3.pdf p4.pdf p5.pdf
Answersa1.pdf a2.pdf a3.pdf a4.pdf a5.pdf

Laminar boundary layer theory

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Lecture notesoverview.pdfreferenceSheet.pdfsec1.pdfsec2.pdf sec3.pdf
sec4a.pdf sec4b.pdf sec4c.pdf sec4d.pdf
Corrections, typos…corrections.pdf
Problem sheetsp1.pdf p2.pdf p3.pdf p4.pdf
Answersa1.pdf a2.pdf a3.pdf a4.pdf